A Puffin Season on Burhou


A fun new opportunity for students to learn with puffins! Straight from their website:

A Puffin Season on Burhou is an exciting project offering schools in the South East of England and the Channel Islands the opportunity to bring the fascinating life of the puffin live into their classrooms. Using the charismatic puffin as a focal point, this project links directly to the Keystage 1 & 2 curriculum, and is an effective way of teaching Science and Literacy skills, and promoting pupil creativity.

In March 2013 one hundred and seventy-five pairs of Atlantic Puffins will return to the small island of Burhou which is situated two kilometres north-west of Alderney to breed. The seabirds will live and raise their young on the rocky coastline for a few months before they return to sea with their young, in the Puffin’s case their ‘puffling’ chicks.

You can read more about it here. How cool is this? I would have loved to learn with puffins…as a kid. I still would. Hehehe =)

Live Puffin update

From the Project Puffin Live puffin cams, here is a screenshot from this evening. The mama is with the puffling. The little puffling is getting so big. When he faces the camera, his tummy fur is white! So cute! Really, you should check it out if you have time. You can watch it here.

The Puffincam is back up and running

The RSPB Reserve puffin cams are up and running again. You can view them here.

According to the people who put up the puffincams,1

“we were very excited when the puffins returned to the puffincam burrow at 11.20am on 17th April.  They have been in and out lining their nest since then, so keep a look out for an egg any day now! The camera has also revealed unexpected visitors to the burrow in the form of a mouse, a starling, a robin and a rabbit (not all at the same time, it’s not the tardis burrow).”

  1. http://www.shetland.org/puffincam/index.php?file=stream1 []

Why is everybody always picking on me?

TNCWC79., originally uploaded by stonefaction.

Caption reads:

A baby Puffin about to be released into the outer Firth of Forth between the Isle of May and Anstruther. The bird was attempting to reach the water in the dark last night and got disorientated. The SNH folk on the island rescued it from being predated by the resident gulls and released it from the May Princess.

Would you have imagined there was violence amongst puffins? I wouldn’t! But that is exactly what was happening in a puffin colony in Scotland. A puffin now dubbed, ‘Asbo’ was caught on camera attacking a puffling for no apparent reason. He would go in and peck and kick at the little baby puffin.

It lends to the argument that social systems within the animal kingdom are much more complex than we can really fathom. Perhaps that baby was born of another male puffin, an old flame? Who knows what the real reason is for this puffin bully but I am glad to read that the puffling is ok and will most likely survive.

You can read the original story here:


Watch pufflings hatch LIVE (Mid-June 2010)

Shetland.org has set up a live Puffin web cam and they are currently waiting for some pufflings to hatch! They are thought to be hatching between June 10th and June 15th! This means we can actually WATCH a puffling being hatched LIVE! How fantastic would that be!? A miracle for certain. And it is not like these little sea clowns won’t amuse us in the meanwhile, right?

Click on the link below or either picture to get to the Puffin cam


Alderney Puffin Cam

OH! I found another puffin cam…this one has its own website and forums to have discussions… you should check it out!

According to their website:

Puffin Cam is broadcasting live pictures from the small island of Burhou.
Burhou Island is 1.5 km off the coast of the channel island of Alderney. Burhou is a paradise for seabirds as there are no rats or cats and very little human disturbance on the island.
Puffin Cam is a way to observe these beautiful birds, in their natural habitat, as they go about their daily lives.
Watch out for Puffins leaving and entering their burrows, rafting in groups just off shore and, later in the season, bringing fish home for their growing chicks.

This project is in collaboration with The Wildlife Trusts and Alderney Wildlife Trust and has been made possible with support from Airtel-Vodafone, The States of Alderney, South East Grid for Learning (SEGfL) and Sesys

Click HERE to see their website (or click on the picture above!)