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A Very Grand Affair by Andrew McLeod

Our friend, Andrew McLeod sent us his new puffin poem, thanks Andrew! A Very Grand Affair Mr. Puffin’s wedding Was a very grand affair. All his distant cousins From the Hebrides were there. Dressed in silk tuxedos They arrived in single file, Looking rather nervous As they shuffled down the aisle. Soon the bride herself arrived Upon a seashell carriage, Pulled by sixteen walruses Who’d come to see the marriage....

Goblinade by Florence Page Jaques

The lovely lady who wrote There Once Was A Puffin, Florence Page Jaques, also wrote a fun poem titled, A Goblinade, and I thought it worth sharing with all of you fans of her work. A Goblinade by Florence Page Jaques A green hobgoblin, Small but quick, Went out walking With a black thorn stick. He was full of mischief, Full of glee, He frightened all That he could see. He saw a little maiden In a wood. He looked as...

There Once Was A Puffin (Update)

One of the readers favorite post has been the poem, There Once Was A Puffin by Florence Page Jaques and I have been determined to get a copy of the original printing of this poem. I have not gotten a hold of the very first printing in Child Life magazine, yet, because it has long since been out of publish. However, I did get my hands on a copy of one of the earlier books it was published in, The Big Golden Book of...

There Once Was A Puffin (Song)

Oh my, one of the most popular puffin poems is, There Once Was A Puffin, by by Florence Page Jaques and I came across this lovely little girl singing it and had to share with you!...

More Paterson the Puffin

  Another fantastic illustration of Paterson the Puffin by Andy Arthur. How fun is this little puffin illustration? You can see this and more of his art on his website: http://www.magnificentoctopus.com/

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